Augmented Reality Solutions

We Create Powerful Augmented Reality Applications

Augmented Reality for Traveling

  • Getting to visit a location in augment reality

  • Location based Augmented Reality Service 

  • Historical information in 3D real life Augmented Reality mode

  • A virtual Augmented Reality preview before choosing to step in museum

  • Automatically translation of the signs for foreign tourists

  • Augmented reality preview of the hotels

Augmented Reality in Marketing


Marketing is a strong arena for virtual and augmented reality. Our solutions let marketers to combine the visual impact of Augmented Reality and location based services to deliver any type of promotional virtual information. The list of possibilities ranges from points of interest useful information, commercial activities advertising and user rewards in the form of virtual guides, social media games, couponing and loyalty programs.


Augmented Reality in entertainment sphere

Augmented reality in games is a new immersive way to experience challenges. It gives players the possibility to play virtual games on many devices in a fully interactive manner where they own body or face movements act as a game controller. When  Augmented Reality game is associated to your product, to your brand message, it creates the possibility of engagement and influence on the brand


Augmented reality solutions for Real Estate


House hunters can look at pictures of properties and decide whether to even bother visiting a location.

Augmented reality makes it possible to stand inside a house or apartment without leaving office. Agents can show off homes in 3D


Augmented Reality in Healthcare

AR is actively used in dealing with phobias of crowds, heights, or even public speaking, visualization can be a safe way to practice being in those environments.

VR can help with phantom limb pain, or pain that amputees experience that seemingly originates in a limb they no longer have. For example, patients play a game that involves completing tasks with the VR limb. They move it using sensors that pick up nerve inputs from their brains.

Moreover, augmented reality tools can generate 3D images of internals and figure out how to save people’s lives.


Augmented Reality for B2B Retail


Virtual dressing-rooms can be created with the use of Augmented Reality and a device web cam. The system automatically detects relevant points on the body and accordingly items ranging from clothes, shoes, glasses, jewelry or watches to produce a 3D demonstration.

The person is able to move to see different angles and in a click to change the color or the model and to purchase it all from the comfort of home or during a lunch break at office.


Augmented Reality for Education

Augmented reality technologies can help to avoid costs of expensive inaccessible equipment for a hands-on courses.

It is now possible with advanced Augmented Reality Applications to provide more authentic learning and engage learners in ways that were never possible before.
Each student can have access to real-life immersive simulations, with no time pressure and no real consequences if mistakes are made during skills training.


Augmented Reality technologies in Design


Augmented reality is wildly used by designers and manufacturers.

Augmented reality allows for faster design iterations at a fraction of the cost. There are a lot of possibilities for AR in the design space.

Augmented is also solving today’s e-commerce challenges. It offers consumers the opportunity to test products from online store before making the purchase.  It gives the possibility to visualize multiple models at the same time to find the perfect configuration.