Augmented reality

Choose an Augmented Reality solution according to your business needs

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is innovative technology of future. Augmented reality is using technology to superimpose information on the world we see. For example, images and sounds are superimposed over what the user sees and hears. In industry – particularly in companies with large workforces – this technology has the potential to drive massive progress for employees, companies, job creation and national economies. This is rather different from virtual reality. Virtual reality means computer-generated environments for you to interact with, and being immersed in. Augmented reality only adds to the reality you would ordinarily see rather than replacing.

A simple augmented reality use case is: a user captures the image of a real object, and a special application adds a virtual object on top of the real-world image and displays on user’s screen.

However, entertainment isn't the only space where AR is making inroads Augmented reality is a hot topic in software development circles.

Augmented Reality leverages the latest innovations in mobile technology, big data analytics and the internet to offer new communication channels for enterprises. Representatives of many industries will soon be able to tap the potential of these rapidly expanding and converging fields and communication channels to visualize data and instructions overlaying digital assets in the real world in real time.

Offering cutting edge software solutions integrated with Augmented Reality for companies all over the world is our aim.


Exylin provides various technologies for Augmented Reality devices and platforms.

Through augmented reality and interactive 3D, Exylin makes it possible to optimize the performance of all elements of your system (people, machines etc.). Our solutions help your workforce achieve peak performance, maximizing productivity while managing risk and eliminating expensive losses. We offer technologies that will allow your workforce to evaluate damage to equipment and plan for repairs on site. Help your technicians get feedback in real-time on whether everything has been installed properly.

For example, site managers can virtually view and monitor work of the project managers in building and construction in progress in real time through Augmented Reality applications. Pointing a camera to factory on-site piece of equipment can match it to the digital map of the plant and verify it is in its designated location, not only freeing the staff from cumbersome paper layout plans but also providing the operators with virtual reality contextual information. Industry decision makers can make timely decisions when management foresees how a piece of equipment once built will fit in its final environment, by merely looking at the superimposition of field data fed through Augmented Reality Solutions.